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Choose all the apply Choose two of the answers below: 1. FAT 2. NTFS 3. RAW 4. NTFS is recommended because of security. Ref: Physical Database Files and Filegroups - ms aspx. What can you do? Create a blank LDF file in Notepad and use that to attach. Note that this breaks your log chain, so a full backup is recommended after this is complete. Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime 2. The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value 3. Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime Explanation: This will produce an overflow error.

No, writeback to a count measure is not allowed in AS Explanation: Writeback cannot be enabled for measure groups that contain aggregate functions other than Sum.

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Ref: Write-Enabled Cubes - aa sql. Yes, if you truncate a view 2. Yes, if you truncate an indexed view 3. Yes with any tables 4. It removes all the rows from a table. Ref: Truncate -. Check all that apply Choose two of the answers below: 1. Table 2. Page 3. Row 4. The signature for each row is stored in another column in the same table. How can you be sure that this data has not been changed? If the data is digitally signed, it cannot be changed. You can use the VerifySignedByCert function to check. You would need to build a CLR function that could re-compute the signature and check it against what is stored.

There is no way to do this. Explanation: If you have the signature, the data, and the certificate, the VerifySignedByCert function can be used to determine if the data is the same. Ref: VerifySignedByCert - ms aspx. You issue an update that should affect all but 3 or 4 rows. You want to determine how many rows were affected by the update. How can you do this? Incorrect syntax near keyword JOIN 2. A resultset with columns will be returned. For further clarification see this link ms aspx this link also contains CLR Triggers but they can also be a DDL trigger that is why they cannot be count under the pur DML triggers category.

All the instances on a server 2.

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All the values for a field 3. All the logins on an instance 4. A group of SQL Servers. All the values for a field Explanation: Answer: A domain in SQL Server database design, or any database design or modelling, is the list of possible values for a particular field. This may be a technical or business listing.

For example, the domain of values for a tinyint field is the list of values from 0 to For a gender field, it might be Male or Female, or possibly other values. Ref: Domain - omain. Named Pipes 3. Shared Memory 4. Ref: Network Protocols and Network Libraries - ms aspx. What is the maximum number of processors supported by the Evaluation Edition. Choose one of the answers below: The Operating System Maximum. Choose one of the answers below: Operating System Maximum. Choose two of the answers below: 1. SQL Server 7. Ref: Char and varchar - ms aspx. Yes Explanation: Yes, you can run a differential backup on a database in the simple recovery mode.

SQL Server 2. Access 3. Oracle 4. This agent monitors the publication transaction log and sends new records to the distribution database.

Two Minute SQL Server Stumpers Vol. 1 (2007, Paperback)

This agent monitors the distribution transaction log and sends new records to the subscription database s. This agent monitors the subscriber activity to ensure they are receiving data. There is no such agent. Explanation: The replication log reader agent monitors the publication transaction log and copies the appropriate records to the distribution database. Ref: Replication Log Reader Agent - ms aspx. Applies the initial snapshot to the subscribers 2.

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Reconciles data issues at the publisher in merge replication 3. Reconciles data issues at the subscriber in merge replication 4. Reads the subscriber transaction log to determine if changes need to be applied. Reconciles data issues at the publisher in merge replication Explanation: The replication merge agent handles the initial snapshots on the subscribers applying managing changes at the publisher, and reconciling conflicts at the publisher.

Ref: Replication Merge Agent - ms aspx. SMO 2. RMO 3. XAML 4. Ref: Replication Management Objects - ms aspx. The publisher transaction log 2. The distributor transaction log 3. From the distribution database 4. From a message queue. From a message queue Explanation: Answer: The replication queue reader agent reads data from a message queue when you implement transactional replication with queued updates. Choose all that apply Choose four of the answers below: 1.

Two Minute Sql Server Stumpers

Partitioned Tables 2. CLR Stored Procedures 3. CLR Data Types 4. Full test indexes. Full test indexes Explanation: Answer: All of these objects are published in transactional replication. Ref: Publishing Data and Database Objects - ms aspx. Question 61 Choose one of the answers below: 1. A primary key derived from application data 2. A primary key not derived from application data 3. A secondary foreign key to a parent table. There is no such thing.

A primary key not derived from application data Explanation: A surrogate key is a key that is artificially created to uniquely identify each row in a database. It is not derived from the application data stored in the database. Ref: Surrogate Key -. Symmetric key processing 2. Asymmetric key processing 3. One-way hashing 4.

A hybrid approach of two or more of the above. Only symmetric and asymmetric key processing. Explanation: Cryptography in SQL Server is essentially made of Symmetric key processing, Asymmetric key processing, One-way hashing or a hybrid approach of one or more of the above. Ref: Encryption Hierarchy - ms aspx. In sys. Ref: sys. Every Object Is Ordered 2.

Each Object In Order 3.

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Exactly Once In Order 4. Every Other Is Open. Exactly Once In Order Explanation: Answer: Service Broker provides reliable message service with each message delivered once in the proper order, so this means: exactly once in order. Ref: Dialog Conversations - ms aspx. A database 2. A column 3. A table 4. A schema. Hydra 2. Katmai 3. Sphinx 4. No, it cannot be used with partitioned views 3. Ref: TOP -. An error because there is no hyphen "-" before the file 2. SSMS opens and brings up mysql.

SSMS opens and executes mysql. SSMS opens and ignores the parameter. If you pass the path and name of a file, it will be opened in a query window when SSMS starts. SQL Server dynamically manages the interval. SQL Server dynamically manages the interval Explanation: The default setting for the checkpoint interval in SQL Server is 0, which means the interval is dynamically managed. Ref: Checkpoint -.

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Look Inside. View Large Image. Experienced Oracle database administrators looking to get up to speed quickly on working with SQL Server in a mixed-database envi In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days. Curiously, my blog was not listed, which is ok because since I did not know about it then how could I submit my site. My site was submitted via e-mail last night, so hopefully it is there when you read this blog. May 2. Many of these questions are challenging and many are in areas that I have never worked with, but it is interesting and a good learning experience.

How do you stack up? In case you did not already know, you can subscribe to the SQL Server Central Newsletter in your profile when you register on the site. Apr Recently I had a chance to catch up with the Resource Database, which is rare given his reclusive ways as of late. Today, I bring you the answers you demand. Where have you been? What have you been up to? RD: Oh, just hanging out behind the scenes. Next thing you know they will want to query me for data, try to change my settings, and next thing you know they will corrupt me!

This is all off the record, right? RD: Logically you are correct but physically you are incorrect. They are mine. By letting everyone mess with those objects? This interview is over! Apr 7.