Chemistry at Oxford: A History from 1600 to 2005

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A chemistry laboratory was built in the basement of the Old Ashmolean Building in , which was used until Chemistry was first recognized as a separate discipline at Oxford with the building of a laboratory attached to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History , opening in The design was based on the Abbot's Kitchen at Glastonbury and it adopted the same name despite being a laboratory. The building was one of the first ever purpose-built chemical laboratories anywhere and was extended in The physical and theoretical chemistry departments merged in and the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory became its base in A number of professors and scientists who worked in the department had won the Nobel Prize ; they include Frederick Soddy for his work on radioactivity with Ernest Rutherford , Cyril Norman Hinshelwood for his work on chemical kinetics , and Dorothy Hodgkin on crystallography.

Among the notable achievements by professors in the department are the development of the Periodic Table by William Odling , work on solid state chemistry by John Stuart Anderson and John B. Goodenough , and bioinorganic chemistry by Robert Williams. Other notable staff [11] and alumni [12] include. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United Kingdom. Oxford University Pocket Diary. Ren, R. Harman, and A. ACS Cent. Quiroz, G. Spyropoulos, M. Salvador, L. Roch, M. Berlinghof , J. Perea, K. Forberich, L. Dion-Bertrand, N. Schrenker, A. Classen, N.

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The Organism and Its Toxins

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Chemistry At Oxford: A History From 1600 To 2005

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