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It gave me a feeling of low self-esteem, of loneliness, of uncertainty. But then I came to one of these meetings and found out that other Lebensborn children had gone through the same experience," he continued.

Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.

Maybe in 10 years it will be gone. It's important that other children in Germany and abroad hear about this group because it could help them," said Weber. The alienation has left many children missing the security and warmth of family ties.

Given up for adoption by his mother, he was taken from a Lebensborn home in by foster parents. In , his wife encouraged him to travel to Wernigerode and find his real mother. I've been waiting for you! I'm bitter and angry about it but my wife has helped me deal with it.

Born to the Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins

He was a policeman and even joined the Social Democrat party in , which was unusual. The entry requirements for the Lebensborn clinics were as strict as for the SS itself. The women had to prove that both they and the father were of Aryan stock back to their grandparents.

Modern equipment and qualified staff made the clinics popular with the pregnant wives of SS and Nazi officials as well.

The children were often christened in an SS ritual in which the SS dagger was held over them as the mother swore allegiance to Nazi ideology. The Nazis offered incentives to German women to bear many children.

Mothers with three and more children under 10 years old got "honorary cards" allowing them to jump shopping queues and get discounts on their rent payments. Cheap state loans were offered for parents, and there was the "Mother's Cross" medal: bronze for four children, silver for six and gold for eight.

It's common for the mothers of Lebensborn children to refuse to speak about the project. It's almost life-threatening to them. They'd rather die than say the truth. Easy Times. Jim Lauderdale. Fisherman's Song. Dolly Parton. Rufus Wainwright.

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Quote by Felicia C. Sullivan: “Women are born to serve and breed, and when we ”

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Song for Sarajevo. A total of 29 bimaternal mice were produced using embryos in the study. They all were "normal, lived to adulthood, and had babies of their own," though they showed "some defective features," according to researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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This image shows a healthy adult bimaternal mouse who was born to two mothers with offspring of her own. But not all the mice pups survived the experiment. Mice produced from two fathers only survived a couple of days after being born.